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Looking back on the year 2023

These were your favourite topics on the Parm AG blog

Looking back on the year 2023

Dear readers
Another year has passed in which we have embarked on an exciting journey through topics relating to project management, business intelligence and Parm AG on our blog every week. We have explored methods, celebrated innovations and held discussions alongside with you. Today, we take a moment to look back at the posts that have been most popular throughout the year.

1. AI in Project Management: How ChatGPT helps with Project Management

The year 2023 was all about artificial intelligence and of course this is also reflected in our blog. In our article “How ChatGPT can help with project management“, we explored how ChatGPT can open up new horizons in project management. From intelligent solutions to new ideas, we have been inspired by artificial intelligence and tested how it can be used in a particularly beneficial way.

How ChatGPT can help in project management
Lego® Serious Play® in Project Management

2. Building blocks for success: Lego® Serious Play® in Project Management

In our article “Lego® Serious Play® in project management“, we sat down at the conference table with the well-known building blocks to playfully find innovative solutions and promote teamwork.

3. The BCG matrix: Prioritising projects successfully

Another highlight of the year was our journey of discovery through the “BCG matrix in project management“. We took a close look at how this strategic compass works and how this tool helps us to make smart decisions for the future of our projects.

The BCG Matrix in Project Management
Prioritizing tasks with the Eisenhower Matrix

4. Prioritise like a pro: the Eisenhower matrix

For those looking for effective ways to prioritise tasks, “Prioritising tasks with the Eisenhower Matrix” was a guide through the jungle of daily challenges. In this article, we explained how you can sharpen your focus and increase your productivity.

5. The magic of the project triangle: Time, cost, scope

Another highlight of our year was exploring the magic triangle in project management. Here we learned how the balance between time, cost, and scope determines the success of your projects. A magic that fascinated us all.

The project triangle
Project Management ABC: S for SWOT Analysis

6. Project management ABC: The most important methods in Project Management

Our project management ABC is also very popular with you, our readers. Once a month, we explain the most important methods in project management. On our journey, for example, we made a stop at the “SWOT analysis“. Together, we explored how this method of analysis helps us to develop strong strategies and overcome obstacles.

7. Lively and effective time management: the eat-that-frog method

Things can get hectic in a project and time is in short supply. It is therefore important to find a method that allows you to utilise the available time particularly effectively. That’s why, in our blog series on the topic of “Time management in projects” this year, we looked at the eat-that-frog method, for example. We discovered how “eating frogs” helps us to set priorities and achieve our goals.

Project time management: Eat That Frog
Data storytelling - presenting data skilfully

8. Bringing data to life: The art of data storytelling

A topic from the field of business intelligence has also made it into our most popular articles – certainly because it can also help us in project management. We are talking about data storytelling, where we not only analyse data but also transform it into gripping stories. This enables facts and figures to be communicated in an interesting and easy-to-understand way.

We would like to thank you for your interest and support over the past year and look forward to another year full of inspiring content and exciting discussions with you! If any topics are currently on your mind or that you would like to read more about on our blog in the new year, we would be delighted to receive a comment or a message at

Your team at Parm AG

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