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Task Management and Collaboration

Turn analyses into action


Easy task management directly in the same system


Convenient communication function


Altering and early warning system

Task management in myPARM

Convert results into tasks,
control implementation optimally

Optimise the flow of information and tasks between management, executives and employees in day-to-day business and thus increase the understanding and efficiency of your employees.
The integrated task management allows you to immediately turn your findings into action. Assign tasks flexibly and receive feedback from your employees at any time on the current status, deviations from the plan or the completion of tasks via myPARM.

Task management

  • Plan, record and schedule tasks.
  • Link tasks to processes, risks, opportunities and much more.
  • Control: Prioritise, monitor and assign tasks.
  • Track: Keep an eye on the status in clear Kanban boards, reports and cockpits at all times.
myPARM BI task management
myPARM BI comment function


Give your colleagues and employees important information quickly and easily by using the integrated comment function. Add useful comments to tasks, analyses, risks and opportunities, etc. or ask for further information.


Altering and early warning system

The alerting and early warning system automatically informs you when unforeseen events occur or limit values are exceeded. In this way, you can react quickly and flexibly at any time based on current data and evaluations.


myPARM BI early warning system