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Parm AG products are known for reliable software, intuitive operation and solutions that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of our customers. The product portfolio includes software for project management, business intelligence and leadership as well as an app for idea management.
With our software, you can gain a crucial competitive advantage.


The modular, web-based solution covers multi-project management from the start of the project to budgeting, performance recording and execution to controlling and invoicing.

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With myPARM BIact, you can evaluate company-relevant data in intelligent analyses and make optimal decisions for your company. You can turn these findings into measures right away in the same system.


Control your business strategy and make the right strategic, tactical and operational decisions
for your company.


Encourage the development of ideas and innovations in your company. Collect, evaluate and manage all incoming ideas in one system.


Parm distributes its software solutions worldwide. To date, we are represented in 39 countries around the world. We are working together with competent partners so that you can get perfect advice, consultancy and support anytime, anywhere.

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Parm‘s software can be used very flexibly and offers customers numerous options for individual customisation.
We are always available for questions, assistance and customisation requests.
Get to know our contact persons or send us a message via our contact form.

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Commitment to our customers, honesty, integrity, loyalty and innovation are the values that distinguish Parm AG. We deal intensively with the individual needs of our customers and are always at their side with advice and support.

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Effort estimation in project management

Effort estimation in project management

Effort estimation is a difficult task because, thanks to many uncertainties, a project or task often develops differently than expected. However, gross misjudgements can quickly cause projects to fail. Read the latest article by Parm AG to find out why effort estimation is still important for projects and which methods can help you.

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Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law states that work expands in proportion to the time available for its completion. Read Parm AG’s latest blog post to find out how this guiding principle affects project management and what you can do about it.

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Project management ABC: I for idea management

Project management ABC: I for idea management

Idea management can easily help you to continuously improve your company, its processes and products. To motivate your employees to participate, you should create incentives and make the process as clear and transparent as possible. Idea management software or apps can help you with this. With it, your employees can easily submit ideas, you can evaluate these ideas and manage their implementation status.

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