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Data integration and preparation
according to your individual needs

Provide and supplement data


Easy import of decision-relevant data


Reporting and analysis made easy with self-service BI


Flexible data storage and operation

Flexible data integration
easy data preparation

Use the various interfaces to import decision-relevant data and supplement it with manually entered information such as plan, actual or other data that is not yet available in any surrounding systems. Focus on what is most important to you – your data. myPARM BIact is designed so that you do not have to spend valuable time on spend valuable time on customisation. Connect your data sources once with the built-in DataSource Wizard and simply drag the data fields you need from the FieldBrowser into the appropriate visualisations.

Self-Service Business Intelligence allows you to create reports and analyses quickly and easily without having to call on the resources of your IT department. This gives all employees easy and reliable access to the real-time data they need.

Icon data integration


Provide analysis-ready, actionable real-time data at any time with the help of modern data integration.

  • integrated data warehouse
  • various interfaces
  • manual addition of data
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Enable your employees anywhere in your organisation to create analyses in compliance with your data governance guidelines.

  • free preparation of data models
  • Self-Service BI
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No matter how you want to use myPARM BIact and where you want to store the data, the software adapts to your individual needs.

  • on-premise
  • private cloud
  • public cloud

The following data sources are supported: SQL, OLAP, Microsoft Excel workbooks/CSV, Entity Framework, Object Data Sources, Extract Data Sources, XPO, JSON, Federated Data Sources, MongoDB.

myPARM BIact supports the following standard interfaces to well-known data sources / products: Microsoft SQL Server / CE / Analysis Services, Microsoft Access, Oracle Database, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Teradata, SAP Hana / Sybase Advantage / Sybase ASE / SQL Anywhere, IBM DB2, Firebird, MySQL, Pervasive PSQL, VistaDB, SQLite, XML file