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Profitable order management with the Lammers quotient


Shine a spotlight on the profitability of offers, orders and projects


Keep long-term projects on the right course thanks to clear key figures and visualisation


Steer your business thanks to integrated task control and collaboration tools

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ProfitGuard Overview

Profitable orders.

At one glance.

The cloud-based software myPARM LQ ProfitGuard calculates the profitability of your offers, orders and projects according to the Lammers quotient and presents it visually. This gives you a quick and easy overview of whether an order is profitable.

Whether you need to calculate prices or check if a long-term project is still in the green zone – myPARM LQ ProfitGuard provides you with the answers.

A clear overview.

A dashboard with

evaluation chart.

In the dashboard you can see the results of the Lammers quotient at a glance. Filter offers, orders and projects and observe their development over time. In this way, you get an overview of material, external, machine and equipment costs as well as hours worked, personnel costs and the price. The clear graph also shows you the amount of the contribution margin on the respective reporting date.

In this way, you can prioritise orders, set optimal prices and highlight calculation errors. In addition, the Lammers quotient serves as an early indicator for the profitability of orders and shows you whether there are still reserves in terms of finances or resources.

Kanban Board in myPARM

What is the Lammers Quotient?

The Lammers quotient combines the contribution margin with the capacity utilisation in one key figure. The core elements are, on the one hand, the available performance hours and, on the other hand, a company-specific order interpretation. In this way, the profitability of an order can be calculated and visualised.
To calculate the Lammers quotient, you need the following key figures:

  • Planned cost accounting for the coming or current year, incl. planned staff hours
  • material and goods input
  • external services
  • machine and equipment costs
  • employee working hours
  • For orders in stock or in progress, additionally the turnover or performance status.

Integrated task management.

Easy control.

Immediately implement insights gained with integrated task management tools such as Kanban boards. So that measures taken can be stored clearly and transparently in the system.
In addition, a document management system is integrated into the software in order to be able to store additional information.

Involved employees are automatically informed about the status of their tasks via the notification function. In addition, you can monitor the status of the measures in a separate dashboard.

Quick data entry.

Manually or with import function.

Enter new offers, orders or projects using a simple and intuitive input form. Update the data at any time to make decisions on an up-to-date database.

Alternatively, you can also enter the data via the convenient import function, for example if you have the data in an Excel file.

Task management PC with document management in myPARM

Prices myPARM LQ ProfitGuard

The prices apply to the rental of myPARM LQ ProfitGuard according to the Software-as-a-Service principle (SaaS).

6 application purposes in 1 software

Calculation basis for your orders

  • can be used throughout the year
  • replaces or supplements existing ERP / Excel calculations

Controlling analysis of each order

  • Individual analysis of orders
  • As a benchmark to other orders
  • Basis for prioritisation of orders


With price recommendation for profitable orders.

Strategy monitoring of the assignments

  • Profitability measurement via strategic business areas
  • Bundle analyses of orders

Break-Even analysis for your orders

Calculation of the lower price limit and break-even points for orders.

Gross margin calculator

Automatic calculation of optimal surcharges for each order type, profit and cost


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