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Best practice

Best practice in brief

Project Management ABC: B for Best Practice

Project management methods are based on empirical experience. This means that in the past, projects were handled in different ways, so that a lot of experience could be gathered. These experiences show what worked well and what didn’t. The sum of all positive experiences from projects is called best practice.

>>In project management, best practice means all experiences from past projects. What has worked well is used in future projects. Everything else gets revised and optimised<<

Best practice = always the best solution?

A best practice solution is therefore not necessarily the best possible solution, but the solution that has proven to work best in previous projects. Therefore the best practice approach is occasionally criticised.

Well-known project management standards such as Prince2, PMBOK or ICB refer to best practice approaches. However, many companies develop their own company-specific best practice solutions that enable them to handle projects as optimally as possible.


  • Practice-oriented recommendations for handling projects that can be implemented quickly and are proven to be effective
  • Flexible adaptation to different situations and tasks, if necessary


  • Individual best practice solutions within a project do not have to fit together or interlock smoothly
  • Best practices should not be adopted rigidly, but should be reviewed, adapted to the respective tasks, the company, and the team, and continuously optimised

Well-known standards

Some well-known best practice standards are:

  • Prince2
  • ICB


The application of best practice solutions helps to implement projects quickly, but is no guarantee for their successful implementation.

Use of best practice at Parm AG

The myPARM project management software contains predefined standard processes based on well-known project management methods such as PRINCE2, PMI, DIN, HERMES or Scrum. However, it is also possible to design your own processes or adapt standard processes to your individual way of working. In addition, myPARM contains numerous preconfigured best practice solutions depending on the industry. In this way, you can start projects quickly and easily, as well as handle them efficiently and in a structured manner – entirely according to your needs.

In addition, project-specific experiences (lessons learned) can be recorded in myPARM and evaluated across projects. These evaluations can then be used as a basis for identifying project- or company-specific best practice solutions.


More about the project management software myPARM:

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