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Parm AG now also «swiss hosting» certified

New label in addition to «swiss made software»

Parm AG now carries the "swiss hosting" label

We at Parm AG are Swiss at heart. For us, this means that we have the highest demands on the quality, reliability and precision on our products and services – but also on ourselves. We are clearly committed to our location and are therefore pleased that we have been able to carry the „swiss made software“ label since 2012.

This label shows:
When Parm AG says Switzerland on the label, it is also Swiss inside.

„swiss made software“ means:

Swiss quality

An internationally recognised seal for high quality and innovation in software development.

Innovative capability

All labelled products and services are unique and innovative.

High added value

The added value of the products and services lies primarily in the fast, intuitive and qualitative solution of tasks in a wide range of business areas.

This label is only awarded to particularly innovative, flexible and open companies that have unique objectives and offer very high-quality software. You can therefore trust that companies with the «swiss made software» seal offer high-value, customer-centred software solutions that solve your problems and support you in your work every day.
The software of Parm AG has been swiss made since its beginnings. This means that the products are developed by software engineers in Switzerland and we live up to the high standards that go with this.

But we are not only committed to Switzerland as a software development location, we also want to offer our customers the highest quality and security for their sensitive data. That is why we have also joined the new „swiss hosting“ label. For you, this means that our software is hosted on secure servers in Swiss data centres, if you wish. This gives you the guarantee that your data is safely located in Switzerland.

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