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Choosing a suitable project management software is not an easy task, because there are countless options with different functions. Product research is facilitated by comparison portals that evaluate the various options on the basis of their functions as well as defined criteria and thus make them comparable. The pmToolfinder of LeBihan, which is also integrated in the software marketplace of, offers such a comparison option. We are pleased that myPARM has now also been evaluated by LeBihan.

This is how the evaluation works

LeBihan conducts personal assessments with the manufacturers of project management software at regular intervals. In the process, the software is evaluated according to a standardised system. The extensive catalogue of requirements is divided into the following phases:

• General features
• Initiate projects
• Plan projects
• Carry out projects
• Complete projects
• Programme and portfolio management

The results are divided into scope and rating. The scope refers to the range of functions of the software, while the rating evaluates the quality of the software. In this way, you can quickly see which software fits your requirements based on your focus on specific functions.

Result of myPARM

According to LeBihan, the rating of myPARM is 87 per cent, which speaks for a very good quality of the software functions. The range of functions is currently at 77 per cent. The detailed result can be found here: pmToolfinder / projektmagazin

We are particularly proud of the rating in the area of ”Platform & Administration”, which confirms the high flexibility and adaptability of myPARM. Our project management software also received 100 percent confirmation in the areas of ”Project Structure Planning”, ”Programme Management”, ”Project Accounting” and ”Portfolio Creation and Management”, both in terms of rating and scope.

We are happy that our software has received such a good rating. At the same time, however, we would like to use this opportunity to further develop our project management software, because the detailed assessment also shows us where myPARM still has potential and which further functions are interesting for our customers. So stay tuned for new developments from myPARM, for example in the area of agile project management.

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