Annual review

These were your favourite topics in 2022

Year in review - These were the most popular posts on the Parm AG blog in 2022.

Are you a regular reader of our blog posts or do you only visit our Website occasionally? In either case, check out our most popular posts from 2022.
Last year, we provided our readers with weekly updates on the topics of project management, business intelligence and news of Parm AG. These were the most popular articles of our readers in 2022.

Nr. 1 Excel in project management – useful or not?

The topic of Excel in project management concerns a large proportion of our readers. This is understandable, as Excel is still one of the most used tools in project management. And this is despite the fact that the spreadsheet programme is not actually intended for project management. We explained why Excel can be used in project management nevertheless and where the limits are.

Excel in project management - useful or not?
Project Management ABC: Your favourite blogs 2022

Nr. 2 Project Management ABC

Our Project Management ABC was also very popular amongst our readers. In this category, we explain basic project management terms and methods once a month. Our readers were particularly interested in classic, hybrid and agile project management. The topics of feasibility studies and Gantt charts were also very popular.

Nr. 3 Successful holiday handover of your projects

Especially before a long summer holiday, an optimal project handover is an important topic. But the tips in our article are also valuable now, when your winter holidays are coming up – as well as when an employee is leaving the company, for example because he or she is about to take a well-deserved retirement.

With the right project handover, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest
The most important documents in project management

Nr. 4 These are the most important project documents

Consistent project documentation is the cornerstone of successful projects. From project initiation to project completion, you could learn about the most important project documents and their contents in this article.

Nr. 5 Introduction of a PMO

How to introduce a successful Project Management Office in just a few steps was presented in our article on the subject of PMOs. This topic will certainly continue to accompany us in the new year, as more and more companies are realising that a PMO can fulfil important tasks within a company.

Implementation of a PMO
What to do if the project budget has been exceeded?

Nr. 6 Project budget exceeded – and now?

In times when everything is getting more expensive, a contribution on the topic of costs, or budget, cannot be missing, of course. Therefore, we explained what you can do if your project budget has been exceeded or is threatening to be exceeded.

Nr. 7 Project time management

So much to do and so little time – that’s probably what many of our readers think and so they are interested in the topic of time management. With the Pomodoro Method, Getting-Things-Done and Timeboxing, you could get to know three methods that can support you in the optimal management of your time and the completion of tasks on our blog.

Project time management
How to design an optimal dashboard?

Nr. 8 How to design an optimal dashboard

A contribution from the topic area of business intelligence has also made it into the list. However, our tips on how to design an optimal dashboard can also support you in project management.

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